Aller Petfood

Pet Store

Aller Petfood is a large Danish company with more than 90 years experience that specializes in the production of high-quality pet food for cats and dogs. Our project with them involved the development and creation of a large (12m2) honor board.

The task was complex, as the board had to be sturdy (we used a monolithic foundation for its base), double sided, water resistant, with backlights, and with an option to conveniently change its images.

To tackle this project, we have developed an architecturally complex structure with an interesting light pattern. The stand included the company’s brand colors, logo, as well as “Honor Board” and “Factory Life” sections.

Every element of the structure was developed with due diligence. To create the most voluminous visual effects our team used an array of different boxes, lighting elements and 3D-letters. Stand frames were made for convenient replacement of images. The structure itself was manufactured from high-quality materials that could withstand various weather conditions.

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